Brief profile

Alex Mauron studied biology at the University of Lausanne and in 1978 received his doctorate in molecular biology. He completed his post-doctoral studies at Stanford University in the USA and at the Institute for Biochemistry at the University of Geneva.

Since 1987 Alex Mauron has worked in bioethics, first as a scientific advisor at the Fondation Louis-Jeantet de Médecine in Geneva and from 1995 as an associate professor for bioethics at the medical faculty of the University of Geneva (full professor since 2001).
In addition to his research and teaching in bioethics, Alex Mauron has been presenting bioethical and policy issues in the public media on a regular basis.
He has been a member of the Swiss Science and Technology Council since 2004.

Alex Mauron was born on 26 July 1951 in Pasadena, California. He has dual Swiss and French nationality. 


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