Seminar on Swiss Actors in Education, Research and Innovation

Bellevue Hotel, Bern

5 October 2015, 1.15 – 4.30 pm

The Council will present an analysis of the institutes and of how they and the relationships between them influence Swiss education, research and innovation policy. Looking back on its own work of recent years, the Council will examine the strengths and weaknesses of the Swiss ERI system. This contribution by the SSC aims at giving impetus to a subsequent debate on how ERI systems should be designed to allow the economy and innovation to prosper.

This anniversary is a welcome opportunity for the SSC to look back at its own history and work of the past 50 years. The SSC will not be doing this by means of a traditional anniversary story, but will instead be exploring its history through the critical eyes of an independent journalist. This contribution will cover topics and historical developments from 1965 to today, and will help the SSC to define its tasks as they relate to ERI institutions.

The Constellation of Actors in the Swiss Higher Education, Research and Innovation Sector
SSC Theses and Recommendations
SSIC Document 3/2015
October 2015

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From Science Council to Innovation Council
The historical development of the Swiss Science Council — an outsider’s view
SSIC Document 4/2015
October 2015

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