The Swiss Science Council (SSC) has made a series of recommendations on Swiss tertiary-level education that take into account both the higher education sector (Tertiary A) and the professional education and training sector (Tertiary B). Observing that the profiles of the various tertiary-level institutions are tending to converge more and more, the SSC wishes to remind everyone of the importance of reinforcing the specific characteristics that set each type apart. In particular, this reinforcement requires reclarification of the different profiles and improvement of the plasticity of the education system as a whole.

On Monday, 27 April 2015, the SSC presented and discussed its recommendations in the presence of Prof Dr Jürgen Mittelstraß (President of the Austrian Science Council) and other interested parties.

Differentiating, Accentuating, Pliant
On the exigencies of a modern tertiary education system
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SSIC Report 3/2014: The Tertiary Level of the Swiss Education System
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