The SSC has decided to focus on education as a first step in this work package. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated digital transformation in formal education. The SSC welcomes the many efforts that are contributing to greater digital literacy for all students, creating the broad perspective which is so vital in education. For digitalisation is changing what is considered essential knowledge in many subjects, in some cases at a very rapid pace. Its impact is felt in different areas – such as politics, health, the world of work, religion and culture. At the same time, an ability to deal with change in a reflective manner is increasingly important.


As the Swiss academic baccalaureate is currently being reformed (national project on the development of the academic baccalaureate), in 2020/2021 the Council took a more in-depth look at this level of schooling. To this end, it commissioned a report from Professor Michael Geiss, Head of the Centre for Education and Digital Transformation at the Zurich University of Teacher Education. The SSC supplemented this expertise from its own perspective and drew up recommendations for players in education at cantonal and federal level.

The publication was approved by the Council in September 2021, and published in November 2021:


In an internal consultation process, the SSC also expressed its views on the reform of the baccalaureate. Its comments were submitted to the federal and cantonal project managers on 15 July 2021 and 30 September 2021: