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Here you will find reports produced in the course of the work of the SSC. The Council makes a distinction between explorative studies, which report on initial studies on specific themes, and policy analyses, in which the Council formulates conclusions or recommendations for the federal government. Up until 2015, there was a further category of reports: ‘SSIC Secretariat working papers’. These can be found in the corresponding sub-menu.

Social selectivity
Recommendations by the Swiss Science Council SSC
Expert report by Rolf Becker and Jürg Schoch commissioned by the SSC
Policy analysis 3/2018
December 2018

Download (PDF, 1.91 MB): report in German

The growth of science:
Implications for the evaluation and funding of research in Switzerland
Policy analysis and recommendations by the Swiss Science Council SSC
Empirical analysis by B. Hendriks, M. Reinhart and C. Schendzielorz,
German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW), Berlin
Policy analysis 2/2018
October 2018
Download (PDF, 1.52 MB)

Excerpt: Recommendations by the Swiss Science Council SSC in German and in French
Download (PDF, 1 MB)

Citizen Science: Expert report, Democracy and Public Participation
Recommendations of the Swiss Science Council SSC
Prof. Bruno Strasser, University of Geneva, and Prof. Muki Haklay, University College London, on behalf of the SSC
Policy analysis 1/2018
September 2018
Download (PDF, 2.88 MB): Recommendations in four languages, policy analysis in English

Citizen Science: Expertise, Democracy and Public Participation (excerpt of the second part from the policy analysis 1/2018)
Download (PDF, 1.45 MB)


New International Science and Technology Policies: Key Issues and Questions in Switzerland
An exploratory study conducted on behalf of the Swiss Science Council SSC
Dr. Alexandra Hofmänner, Science & Technology Studies at University of Basel
With a foreword by Prof. Dr. Peter Weingart
Exploratory study 1/2018
June 2018

Download (PDF, 1.35 MB)

Notions of disruption
A collection of exploratory studies written and commissioned by the Swiss Science and Innovation Council SSIC
Exploratory study 3/2017
November 2017

Download (PDF, 1.78 KB)

Digital competences (excerpt of the 3rd chapter from the exploratory study 3/2017)
November 2017
(PDF, 436 KB)


Biomedical knowledge production in the age of big data
Analysis conducted on behalf of the Swiss Science and Innovation Council SSIC
Dr. Sabina Leonelli, Professor in the Philosophy and History of Science, University of Exeter, UK
Exploratory study 2/2017
November 2017

Download (PDF, 1.48 MB)


Citizen Science: An Introduction
Exploratory study commissioned by the Swiss Science and Innovation Council SSIC
By Dr. John Bendix
Exploratory study 1/2017
September 2017

Download (PDF, 1.67 MB)

Requirements for a sustainable education and research system

November 2016

Open Access from the point of view of authors/researchers

SSIC Theses and recommendation
SSIC Report 10/2015
March 2016

Download (PDF, 524 KB): report in French

Open Access: Publishing, Commerce, and the Scientific Ethos

Report to the Swiss Science and Innovation Council SSIC
SSIC Report 9/2015
December 2015

Download (PDF, 2.39 MB)

Innovation and Public Promotion of Innovation

Report and recommendations produced by the Swiss Science and Innovation Council SSIC
SSIC Report 8/2015
December 2015

Download (PDF, 2.41 MB): report in German

Systematic impact evaluation of National Centres of Competence in Research NCCRs (first set, 2001-2013)

Report and recommendations by the Swiss Science and Innovation Council SSIC on behalf of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI
Final report
SSIC Report 7/2015
December 2015

Download (PDF, 1.45 MB): French version

«Dr Unemployed»?

The professional success of PhD graduates in Switzerland
SSIC Report 6/2015
November 2015

Download (PDF, 4.46 MB): French and German Version

Evaluating the Swiss National Science Foundation with Respect to the Strategic Funding of Research Infrastructures and Disciplinary Areas
Final Report
SSIC Report 5/2015
October 2015

Download (PDF, 1.58 MB)

From Science Council to Innovation Council
The historical development of the Swiss Science Council — an outsider’s view
SSIC Report 4/2015
October 2015

Download (PDF, 896 KB)

The Constellation of Actors in the Swiss Higher Education, Research and Innovation Sector
SSIC Theses and Recommendations
SSIC Report 3/2015
October 2015

Download (PDF, 1.08 MB)

PhD cultures and tenure track models at Swiss universities

SSIC Report 2/2015
July 2015

Download (PDF, 949 KB): report in German and French

Trends in Biomedical Research

Report and recommendations produced by the Swiss Science and Innovation Council SSIC
SSIC Report 1/2015
June 2015

Download (PDF, 311 KB)

The Tertiary Level of the Swiss Education System
Report and recommendations produced by the Swiss Science and Innovation Council SSIC
SSIC Report 3/2014
April 2015

Download (PDF, 311 KB)

Biomedical research in Switzerland: social space, discourse and practice
SSIC Report 2/2014
April 2014

Download (PDF, 495 KB): report in French

Biomedicine: Meanings, assumptions, and possible futures
SSIC Report 1/2014
April 2014

Download (PDF, 310 KB)

The Position of Universities of Applied Sciences in the Swiss Higher Education System
Recommendations by the SSTC
SSTC Report 5/2013
December 2013

Download (PDF, 183.81 KB) German version

“Economization” of Science
Recommendations and Proceedings of the Seminar Held in Bern by the Swiss Science and Technology Council on April 23, 2013
SSTC Report 4/2013
November 2013

Download (PDF, 773 KB)

Performance Measurement and Quality Assurance in Higher Education and Research
A More Purposeful and Sensible Use of Performance Measurement and Evaluation in Science – Ten Theses
SSTC Report 3/2013
September 2015

Download (PDF, 1.19 MB)

Encouraging young graduates to drive innovation in Switzerland
Principles for a comprehensive promotion of young graduates for the benefit of science, economy and society
SSTC Report 2/2013
September 2013

Download (PDF, 206.99 KB): German version

Allocation models for overhead funds at the Swiss National Science Foundation and at the Commission for Technology and Innovation
SSTC Report 1/2013
September 2013

Download (PDF, 255 KB): French version

Encouraging young scholars for the knowledge society
Principles for a global agenda
SSTC Report 5/2011
March 2012

Download (PDF, 2.49 MB): German version

Art Research Funding
Status Report 2010/2011
SSTC Report 4/2011
March 2012

Download (PDF, 2.49 MB)

University teaching in the age of Bologna
SSTC Report 3/2011
December 2011

Download (PDF, 205 KB): German version

SSTC recommendations on the Federal Council Dispatch on the Promotion of Education, Research and Innovation for 2013-2016
SSTC Report 2/2011
October 2011

Download (PDF, 3.14 MB): German version

Where are our young academics coming from? Structures of education, educational disparities and the «gap» in the Swiss education system
Survey conducted by Dr. Stephan Egger on behalf of SSTC
SSTC Report 1/2011
August 2011

Download (PDF, 436 KB): German version

Research at the Swiss universities of applied sciences – Insights into its stage of development
Recommendations of the Swiss Science and Technology Council
SSTC Report 2/2010
November 2010

Download (PDF, 1.15MB): German version


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