The Council holds plenary meetings at various times of the year. Agenda items to be discussed at these meetings are determined by the President in consultation with Council members. The most important considerations in determining agenda items include the SSC's work programme, direct requests made by the Federal Council and Federal Offices as well as the need to take a stance on current items on the political agenda. The Secretariat prepares these meetings in consultation with the President.

Outside of regular plenary meetings, Council members may also hold working group meetings as needed.


Schedule of SSC plenary meetings in 2021

Monday, 8 and Tuesday, 9 February

Monday, 19 and Tuesday, 20 April

Monday, 7 and Tuesday, 8 June

Monday, 27 and Tuesday, 28 September

Monday, 22 and Tuesday, 23 November


Schedule of SSC plenary meetings in 2022 

Monday, 14 and Tuesday, 15 March 

Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 May 

Monday 27 and Tuesday, June 28, 

Monday, 3 and Tuesday, 4 October 

Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 November