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As a consultative body to the Federal Council, the SSCI (today SSC) deals with higher education, research and innovation policy matters that affect Switzerland as a location for science. The SSCI drafts a programme for each term of office in accordance with the policy agendas established by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI. This programme presents priorities for advisory tasks and activities to be carried out by the SSCI. The SSCI maintains a certain room for manoeuvre so that it can respond to Federal Council inquiries, which may arise at any time.

The working programme 2016 – 2019 entails the following four elements:
1. Overarching themes
2. Policy topics
3. Evaluations, assessments, and impact measurements
4. Prior work of the SSIC

Problem definitions were added to the overarching themes and questions to address in the Council’s policy work.

Working Programme 2016 - 2019

August 2016

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